Definition of second-guesser in US English:



  • See second-guess

    • ‘I feel for Michael because this is a profession unfortunately of backstabbers, of second-guessers.’
    • ‘You have to manage the game the way you think you can win it, as opposed to what the book says or what the second-guessers might say.’
    • ‘Had the mission ended in catastrophe, the cast of doubters and second-guessers would probably be much larger.’
    • ‘Coaches are born second-guessers,’ Bliss said during a news conference last week.’
    • ‘If enough Americans conclude that Bush did the best he could with the cards he was dealt - why gamble on a second-guesser?’
    • ‘He's a critic who sees himself as the aggrieved victim of the news media and second-guessers.’