Definition of second-generation in US English:



  • 1Denoting the offspring of parents who have immigrated to a particular country.

    ‘she was a second-generation American’
    • ‘In 1900, first- and second-generation immigrants made up more than 70 percent of all of the blue-collar jobs in the city.’
    • ‘This is the kind of election our Founding Fathers and their first-and second-generation sons actually ran from Adams to Lincoln.’
    • ‘Set in Berlin, the film has two second-generation Turkish immigrants meet up in a psych ward.’
    • ‘And increasingly, second-generation children left home to attend college or go to work.’
    • ‘Many second-generation Asians do not want to follow their parents into the industry.’
    • ‘He was born in New York in 1964, the second of six children to Mary Ellen and Paul Dillon, second-generation Irish immigrants.’
    • ‘What role will the racial hierarchy in the United States play in structuring the outcomes of their second-generation children?’
    • ‘Most likely, the majority of these Michigan-born second-generation Irish migrated to Butte with their Irish-born parents.’
    • ‘Youths in the neighborhoods say second-generation Portuguese immigrants and even some children of native French have taken part.’
    • ‘There is a second-generation Jamaican immigrant mum and her university-bound teenage son.’
    • ‘Many such parents are second-generation Americans and have achieved reasonable affluence and career success.’
    • ‘The barriers for second-generation immigrants are enormous.’
    • ‘He is a second-generation immigrant and speaks no Arabic, so he did not know what was said.’
    • ‘This is not about poverty, deprivation or cultural dislocation of second-generation immigrants.’
    • ‘None of this is to suggest that every second-generation member of a migrant community is a fiery, disaffected potential terrorist.’
    • ‘Many of these new citizens are second-generation immigrants whose parents came from the country's former North African colonies.’
    • ‘The neighbour was a second-generation Indian immigrant.’
    • ‘Like most second-generation Indians, I've made a regular chain of pilgrimages back to India while growing up.’
    • ‘When it began in 1924, the parade was just a local tribute to America from Macy's second-generation immigrant employees.’
    • ‘What constitutes Italian-American culture for a third-generation daughter born of a second-generation parent?’
  • 2Of a more advanced stage of technology than previous models or systems.

    • ‘The DVD Forum has begun to promote its second-generation DVD specification to Taiwanese drive manufacturers.’
    • ‘The core can support up to 8 pixel pipes, operating on a single texture, and using second-generation pixel and vertex shaders.’
    • ‘Honda's second-generation technology enables this Civic to achieve miserly fuel economy without being a flimsy little econobox.’
    • ‘But carriers there tend to buy less expensive second-generation systems.’
    • ‘These second-generation software companies are able to take the best of what worked before and combine it with what hasn't yet been tried.’
    • ‘Goldstein is designing increased intelligence as well as a self-correcting function into the second-generation Why Knot.’
    • ‘Since it is packet-based it uses wireless spectrum more efficiently than first- or second-generation systems.’
    • ‘We view the Gilat-to-Home project as a second-generation broadband solution for EchoStar.’
    • ‘Intel is pushing the higher speed, lower-power second-generation memory technology aggressively.’
    • ‘Itas uses a second-generation forward-looking infrared system, digital components, and an eyesafe laser range finder.’
    • ‘If second-generation systems can meet these criteria, businesses will be eager to evolve commerce to e-commerce.’
    • ‘All Corvette models for 2001 benefit from the previously mentioned second-generation active handling system.’
    • ‘The battery life of the second-generation mini models has also been improved.’
    • ‘Microsoft's second-generation Xbox game console will contain a PowerPC microprocessor, sources confirmed Monday.’
    • ‘The DOD and defense contractors are using the second-generation chipset, which is coming out now.’
    • ‘Most of the advanced second-generation digital cellular systems reserve a channel intended for voice transmission when making data connections.’
    • ‘Tenneco is developing a second-generation system aimed at boosting the trap's efficiency and reducing cost.’
    • ‘It's a second-generation model that supports faster 802. 11g WiFi connections.’
    • ‘Andy's written one of the first second-generation social software apps I've seen.’
    • ‘We need to develop a second-generation alliance system that will serve the long-term security requirements of its participants.’



/ˈˌsɛkənd ˌdʒɛnəˈreɪʃən//ˈˌsekənd ˌjenəˈrāSHən/