Definition of seaweed in US English:



  • Large algae growing in the sea or on rocks below the high-water mark.

    • ‘They move slowly along and pick up moving prey from the crevices and seaweed among the rocks.’
    • ‘The seaweed itself was balanced on top of a bed of regular salad leaves giving the impression the salad was much larger than it really was.’
    • ‘Locals explained that the strength of the wind and the high waves had scattered seaweed all over the islands.’
    • ‘Catching brown trout among seaweed is a strange experience for someone used to freshwater fishing on the mainland.’
    • ‘The most valued of the cultivated seaweeds is the red alga Porphyra, or Nori.’
    • ‘There is also growing interest in culturing seaweed to produce feed for aquaculture.’
    • ‘This involved making a frame which was decorated in the main with seaweed.’
    • ‘It was Dr Drew who came to the rescue when she analysed the life cycle of the edible seaweed known as Nori.’
    • ‘Eelgrass is not closely related to the true seaweeds, which are algae.’
    • ‘Every winter the bays and beaches around Bermuda empty of tourists and start to fill with… seaweed.’
    • ‘There are hundreds of varieties of seaweed in Breton waters, though only about seven are used for edible purposes.’
    • ‘In the late 1700s, the abundant seaweed or kelp provided an important source of income.’
    • ‘Cover with a thick layer of seaweed, and a piece of old canvas, blanket, carpet, or dry leaves, to keep in the steam.’
    • ‘The chicken spring rolls wrapped in seaweed and duck with oyster mushrooms are especially recommended.’
    • ‘I drove home slightly damp and smelling of seaweed, but feeling great.’
    • ‘It swam near the bottom with a very graceful and rapid movement and tried to conceal itself in the tufts of seaweed.’
    • ‘To be on the Okinawa Program is not to be restricted to eating seaweed and warm bricks of tofu.’
    • ‘The roads and arches of the futuristic city was set with only minor seaweed and rock debris.’
    • ‘Compounds of iodine are also present in sea water and in sea kelp, a form of seaweed.’
    • ‘However, the seaweeds or the algae and in particularly the microscopic plankton can fix a lot more carbon than a forest can.’