Definition of seating in English:



  • 1The seats with which a building or room is provided.

    ‘the restaurant has seating for 80’
    • ‘Limited seating will be offered at this exclusive event and prior reservation is essential.’
    • ‘There would also be a 400m athletic track outside with covered seating for spectators.’
    • ‘The first and second row offer first-class seating.’
    • ‘In Britain, rural public transportation is often provided with postal vans offering seating for regular passengers.’
    • ‘More comfortable seating is being installed and the range of food is being updated.’
    • ‘The big complaints are delays and cancellations, cramped seating, and overall poor in-flight service.’
    • ‘The tiered seating is protected with a cantilevered roof structure that hovers over the stadium.’
    • ‘Waiting areas will open on to these courtyards and the cafeteria will provide outdoor seating.’
    • ‘Tables in the lunch room were marked like assigned seating between the different cliques.’
    • ‘The east-facing front porch provides plenty of comfortable seating for basking in early-morning sunlight.’
    • ‘Farrell also said that Atlanta Bread would offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and also provide some outdoor seating.’
    • ‘All customers are provided with assigned seating and a generous 20 kg baggage allowance.’
    • ‘The only seating in the main room of the basement was a single back support pillow, so we took seats on the floor.’
    • ‘The cutlery is good quality and the bench seating has cushions.’
    • ‘Reserved seating for the Derby will also increase by between $5 and $25.’
    • ‘Kindly note that limited seating will be offered at this event that is both free and for members only.’
    • ‘The flat terrace simplifies the assembly of temporary seating and assists with crowd management.’
    • ‘Site entrances and the footpath network will be improved and new seating installed.’
    • ‘But when we finally made it, we found ourselves in a lodge-like wood-panelled room offering seating for about 50 diners.’
    • ‘As limited seating is available, booking is essential.’
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  • 2An act or time of providing seats, especially at a restaurant or performance venue.

    ‘lunch seatings are from 11 am to 12:30 pm only’
    • ‘There's a peculiar sort of dance going on with the seating though.’
    • ‘The boycott and segregated seating ended in 1957 and initiated a series of desegregation campaigns throughout the city.’
    • ‘Once the seating began, we walked through some beautiful scenery to the ‘tunnel of love’ with fish swimming all around us.’
    • ‘Arranging the seating alone requires the mathematical ability of Albert Einstein and the tact of a UN peace commissioner.’
    • ‘In 1964, Democrats debated the seating of segregated state delegations.’
    • ‘Even the seating of McCain, widely regarded as an outspoken maverick Republican, does little to establish the credibility of the panel.’
    • ‘With the Governor-General absent, the Prime Minister would be able to move up one place in the procession and in the seating of the official party on the dais.’
    • ‘Let's mix up the seating and find yourself a partner for our fun lab experiment today.’
    • ‘There is no admission for the party and the seating is first come, first served, but do grab a ticket when you go.’
    • ‘We went into the theater and Luke insisted on arranging the seating.’
    • ‘Generally, meals on a Nile cruise are served at a specific time, with all passengers being served at a single seating.’
    • ‘And the reservation chairman was Mike Moffatt, long-time professional with the seating and arranging on the evening.’
    • ‘A restaurant cannot limit seating of disabled patrons to one area, for instance.’
    • ‘I tried to look happy about the seating and sat down.’
    • ‘Yet Princess is the only line offering both formal seatings and dining alternatives.’
    • ‘No, you can't arrange the seating in the abbey in alphabetical order.’
    • ‘There was a certain ritual associated with feasts and the seating of guests was of the utmost importance, hence the phrase ‘above and below the salt’.’
    • ‘Although the seating was not completely segregated, the ventilation in this place is of such high quality that you don't even notice people smoking at the table next to you.’
    • ‘This immeasurably great power was made real in the world by the resurrection of Jesus and the seating of Jesus at a position of power and honor in the heavenly places.’
    • ‘He cannot extend its reach to remedy the segregated seating at Shiloh Church.’