Definition of seasonally in US English:



  • 1At a particular season of the year.

    ‘seasonally employed agricultural laborers’
    ‘seasonally flooded grassland’
    ‘some woodcreepers breed seasonally’
    • ‘The Ohio soil resource includes a number of wet, seasonally saturated soils.’
    • ‘All 13 of the populations that can digest dairy yet live in areas that are primarily lactose intolerant were historically migratory groups that moved seasonally.’
    • ‘Sited on a wooded hill overlooking the valley, the house is clad in steel, with its rusty appearance matching colours in the seasonally changing landscape.’
    • ‘Where labour is only available seasonally, you'll eliminate many choices about crops or livestock.’
    • ‘These swifts are not migratory, although they will make local nomadic trips or shift seasonally.’
    • ‘The amount of daylight varies seasonally as the sun's predominant position in the sky changes.’
    • ‘Those species have a hard time persisting in the seasonally inundated prairies dispersed across much of the Everglades ecosystem.’
    • ‘It's a comparison of natural service and artificial insemination in seasonally calving dairy herds.’
    • ‘The habitat is a seasonally saturated swale maintained by periodic mowing and herbicide treatment of woody coppice.’
    • ‘It is advisable to rotate insecticides periodically, at least seasonally.’
    1. 1.1 According to the season or time of year.
      ‘the menu changes seasonally’
      ‘we grow all our own vegetables, so eat seasonally’
      ‘the seasonally adjusted jobless rate fell’
      • ‘We maintain a decent website and advertise seasonally in several natural food store newsletters.’
      • ‘The company runs seasonally oriented campaigns on these websites.’
      • ‘All tests were performed on both original and seasonally adjusted series.’
      • ‘OPEC has in recent years worked hard to stop stocks building during periods of seasonally weak demand.’
      • ‘The native performers, who use their home island only seasonally, offered some of the best visual displays of the festival.’
      • ‘The seasonally adjusted jobless rate fell to 5.9 per cent from 6.1 per cent in March.’
      • ‘The company's UK operation was an area of concern due to its purchase of the hotel complex, which is seasonally dependent.’
      • ‘The food that we grow on the urban farm sites is sold at local farmers' markets and, seasonally of course, at the neighbourhood corner grocery store.’
      • ‘The watermelon farmer is happy to be involved with the group, even though her product is only available seasonally.’
      • ‘"Accounts change seasonally," he said, almost in consolation.’