Definition of seaplane in US English:



  • An aircraft with floats instead of wheels, designed to land on and take off from water.

    • ‘Although primarily used as seaplanes, Kingfishers also could be fitted with wheels and operated from land bases.’
    • ‘In 1930, he learned to fly seaplanes and began making speed and long-distance record flights in a wide variety of very interesting aircraft.’
    • ‘The large seaplanes landed in the quiet atoll waters and pulled up to a float offshore.’
    • ‘Moments later, five Austrian Albatros fighters and two Lohner seaplanes took off to challenge the Macchi intruders.’
    • ‘Despite strafing runs from Japanese Zeros and seaplanes landing in the lagoon with fresh enemy troops, the Raiders kept pushing the fight.’
    • ‘Airplanes can't exceed a gross weight of 1,320 pounds or 1,430 pounds for seaplanes.’
    • ‘I became rated in gyroplanes, helicopters, seaplanes and gliders.’
    • ‘Two basic types of Macchi seaplanes were flown by the Americans - the M - 5 and M - 8.’
    • ‘Linebacker Na'il Diggs is an accomplished pilot who has flown everything from helicopters to seaplanes.’
    • ‘More kids climb on a riverside playground, and in the water beyond is a handful of cormorants, including one taking off low to the water like a seaplane.’
    • ‘The transition from the slow flying seaplanes to that Lockheed ‘hot rod’ was rather dramatic.’
    • ‘When 10 September dawned for the crew of the seaplane, so did the prospects for an end to their harrowing journey.’
    • ‘The park authority has already decided to introduce a bylaw regulating seaplanes landing or taking off from the loch after complaints about the noise.’
    • ‘Above them the sky is criss-crossed with seaplanes taking off and landing - the local island taxi service.’
    • ‘It then possessed 39 aircraft, 52 seaplanes, and 7 airships.’
    • ‘Earhart and her companion were picked up by a Japanese seaplane and will be held as hostage, say the Japanese.’
    • ‘Hulled seaplane or floatplane makes no difference; the practical test is the same for both.’
    • ‘For as yet our seaplanes were unarmed as ordered by President Roosevelt.’
    • ‘In the meantime, a fun 15-minute ride on a lowflying seaplane is the easiest way to get back and forth.’
    • ‘Fortunately no major damage had been inflicted on the seaplane and the hull was still watertight.’