Definition of seaman in English:



  • 1A person who works as a sailor, especially one below the rank of officer.

    • ‘And one of its own large cannons blew up, killing yet more seamen.’
    • ‘Twenty-two seamen were killed when his ship came under fire.’
    • ‘Even before the ship had left Buenos Aires some of the British seamen objected to sailing with Greeks.’
    • ‘The national seamen's union planned a strike for June 1911 to force the bosses to recognise the union.’
    • ‘‘Make a goal and go for it’ was a motto that stuck with the former deck seaman.’
    • ‘In 1808-1811, the British navy, desperate for able-bodied seamen, impressed more than six thousand Americans.’
    • ‘His last pamphlet was about the appalling conditions of British seamen.’
    • ‘Clearly, this was a tough campaign for all concerned, particularly for the ordinary seamen.’
    • ‘Crew from the admiral down to ordinary seamen had no enmity towards their opposite numbers.’
    • ‘With her she was taking 50 able-bodied seamen and 20 some foot soldiers.’
    • ‘I bring to the Minister's attention the case of an able seaman.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire man was a former merchant navy seaman.’
    • ‘The Hong Kong seamen's strike of 1922 was directed at foreign power.’
    • ‘Smaller and less centralized, the Continental navy drew upon experienced seamen and where necessary relied on training on shipboard.’
    • ‘Seaman officer and pilot recruiting will be next, with new advertisements being filmed now.’
    • ‘But the former merchant seaman is not your average bum.’
    • ‘Eleven seamen were killed, others were wounded, and many were subsequently interned.’
    sailor, seafarer, seafaring man, mariner, boatman, hand, crew member, rating
    sea dog, bluejacket
    matelot, matlow, matlo
    tar, jack tar, hearty
    crew, complement
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    1. 1.1 A sailor of the lowest rank in the US Navy or Coast Guard, ranking below petty officer.
      • ‘All crew members, from captain to seaman recruit, eat the same food - but on different days.’
    2. 1.2[with adjective] A person regarded in terms of their ability to captain or crew a boat or ship.
      ‘he's the best seaman on the coast’
      • ‘Such an experienced seaman, still physically strong and able.’


Old English sǣman (see sea, man).