Definition of sealant in US English:



  • Material used for sealing something so as to make it airtight or watertight.

    ‘blobs of silicone sealant’
    count noun ‘use a flexible mastic sealant’
    • ‘Water putty, epoxies, construction glue and silicone sealants can cause irreversible damage to objects, he warned.’
    • ‘Paints, sealants, and adhesives have stepped into the ecologically aware 21st century too.’
    • ‘Second, no edging was delivered and no sealant put in.’
    • ‘Most of the interior surfaces are left unfinished, eliminating the need for toxic sealants and paints.’
    • ‘If sealants around those openings are no longer pliable, re-seal and caulk them.’
    • ‘Nail or screw a 2X2 piece of wood flush with the bottom of the ledger, and lay a bead of sealant at the joint to prevent water infiltration.’
    • ‘The material doesn't need sealants to stand up against weather and maintains traction when wet.’
    • ‘What about the effectiveness of paint and sealants in containing that chemical exposure risk?’
    • ‘This will allow the tree to heal quickly without the use of sealants.’
    • ‘The sealant made it airtight without pinching his nasal passage.’
    • ‘To achieve a properly aged look for the new floor Canny had it installed without any sealant or protection.’
    • ‘I'll be looking into some of that spray sealant stuff for next time, that's for sure…’
    • ‘All it requires is an initial sealing with a non-toxic stone sealant which can be reapplied after a couple of years if required.’
    • ‘The machine then rolls a video that explains what your car is in for: wash, wax, undercarriage wash, sealant, and a spot-free rinse and dry.’
    • ‘I'll pull the assembly apart (hopefully I can just cut that sealant stuff off) and fill the hole with more sealant.’
    • ‘Lastly, it sucks moisture out of the air during the curing process - so I figure any air trapped inside the assembly will be dry by the time the sealant has set.’
    • ‘All paints, sealants, and adhesives were chosen for low contents of volatile organic compounds, which contribute to indoor air pollution.’
    • ‘With a colour-matched quick drying cement, and a protective transparent sealant, the tiles have a vivid surface texture which gives any floor a distinctive quality.’
    • ‘Caulking, sealant, and weather stripping will do the trick and are available at most hardware stores.’
    • ‘When applying the softer sealants to lightweight or sheer fabric edges, the fabric will still roll into a rolled hem, sealing the threads inside the serging.’
    sealer, adhesive
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