Definition of seal someone's fate in English:

seal someone's fate


  • Make it inevitable that something unpleasant will happen to someone.

    • ‘That inexperience combined with the fact they were playing overseas for the first time sealed their fate.’
    • ‘And once you resist their military, you're pretty much sealing your fate.’
    • ‘The little girl spins her head around devilishly to cast the finger in my direction, sealing my fate, casting me out.’
    • ‘The fact that one of the four buildings in Broad Lane was said to be in need of serious repair, coupled with lack of room to expand the facility, is thought to have sealed their fate.’
    • ‘He then takes to visiting the mad ward daily, an act which seals his fate.’
    • ‘He seals your fate, but looks confused if you protest.’
    • ‘I had misinterpreted my own future and then taken steps towards this false future, therefore sealing my fate with Mr. Odd.’
    • ‘As she flattens her shoes on the grill, she uses the fingers of both hands to steer the skirt's folded hem forward, sealing its fate forever.’
    • ‘But more mistakes and a first minute penalty sealed their fate.’
    • ‘But at the end of the day he's courting his own destruction, sealing his fate.’