Definition of seakeeping in US English:



  • usually as modifier The ability of a vessel to withstand rough conditions at sea.

    ‘she is showing excellent seakeeping tendencies with impressive speed’
    ‘the efficient hull form ensures good seakeeping and excellent fuel consumption’
    • ‘Her considerably-improved seakeeping means she will be able to carry out survey work in the UK Western Approaches for 90 per cent of the year.’
    • ‘Thomas Jefferson's navy experimented with gunboats, colloquially named Jeffs, of one or two heavy guns - tiny ships that had little to offer in terms of seakeeping ability and endurance.’
    • ‘The hull design is optimised for stability, seakeeping and manoeuvrability and the hull appendages and propellers are designed for low hydrodynamic noise.’
    • ‘Three major safety parameters - structural safety, overturning stability, and seakeeping quality - were evaluated altogether to assess the safety of the whole system.’
    • ‘Emphasis is directed to good seakeeping characteristics and manoeuvrability.’