Definition of sea pen in US English:

sea pen


  • A marine coelenterate related to the corals, forming a feather-shaped colony with a horny or calcareous skeleton.

    Order Pennatulacea, class Anthozoa

    • ‘Some Late Precambrian Ediacaran fossils bear strong resemblances to colonial coelenterates called pennatulids, or sea pens.’
    • ‘Among the strait's most impressive creatures is the beautiful sea pen, and these beautiful animals are often displayed in public aquariums.’
    • ‘We think these are something like modern day sea pens, which are a kind of soft-bodied coral.’
    • ‘There is no coral reef as such, but there are plenty of soft corals, sponges, gorgonia and some very colourful sea pens.’
    • ‘Anthozoans include sea anemones, a variety of corals, sea fans, and sea pens.’