Definition of sea fan in US English:

sea fan


  • A horny coral with a vertical treelike or fanlike skeleton, living chiefly in warmer seas.

    Gorgonis and other genera, order Gorgonacea

    • ‘Our afternoon dive was at Gorgonian One, aptly named after a giant sea fan the size of a small shed.’
    • ‘After scaling a sea fan, the feather star might stay for a while, hanging on by means of tiny hooks called cirri.’
    • ‘The reef is fairly small and has four tiny ergs, one with a hole right through it, in the east side of which a sea fan grows.’
    • ‘They are always associated with a particular species of red gorgonian sea fan.’
    • ‘Soft corals such as the sea fan are both its feeding ground and its food.’
    • ‘On the southeast side, near the airport, are magnificent reefs of soft coral and sea fans.’