Definition of sea bream in US English:

sea bream


  • A deep-bodied marine fish that resembles the freshwater bream.

    a fish of Australasian coastal waters, with a purple back and silver underside (Seriolella brama, family Centrolophidae)

    Several genera and species in the family Sparidae (the sea bream family), in particular the red sea bream (Pagellus bogaraveo), which is fished commercially, and the black sea bream (Spondyliosoma cantharus), a popular angling fish; the sea bream family also includes the porgies

    • ‘Be won over by his pressed terrine of corn-fed chicken, scallops, risotto, sea bream with linguine and fishcakes with a chive beurre blanc.’
    • ‘Angela's sea bream was large enough to have fed us both and a small party of friends, ditto my lobster linguine.’
    • ‘I had the pan-flared fillet of sea bream with a crispy edge and a moist interior.’
    • ‘Thousands more trout, sea bass, sea bream and cod that lived and died in captivity were also eaten.’
    • ‘The dorades (which I have found are the equivalent of sea bream, of the porgy family) were on sale, and I bought two for a grand total of 7 euros.’
    • ‘While the fish was perfectly cooked and beautifully moist, the ragout was so pungently fishy that it overwhelmed the more delicate sea bream.’
    • ‘Seen by many as harbingers of climate change, octopus, sea bream, sunfish, turtles, and other marine creatures associated with warmer waters are turning up with increasing regularity.’
    • ‘In a separate section, the report reveals that farmed halibut, sea bass and sea bream can suffer from severe cataracts when reared intensively, causing blindness and corneal bleeding.’
    • ‘For our starters we opted for oak smoked salmon with chives, and sea bream.’
    • ‘The roasted sea bream came on the bone and was served with roasted red pepper and lightly spiced chorizo for €23.50.’
    • ‘Despite their name, sea bream do not particularly resemble their freshwater name-sakes.’
    • ‘This means that dishes such as sea bream with orange and chilli, or teryaki stir-fry, are increasingly available.’
    • ‘For example, tarakihi is called sea bream or morwong and silver warehou, gemfish.’
    • ‘The setting is spectacular, and the largely old-fashioned cooking (battered sea bream with tartare sauce, sticky toffee pudding etc) is enhanced by an excellent wine list.’
    • ‘A good fillet of sea bream was rather overwhelmed by a quilt of very salty black olive paste and the grilled eel in a herb crust was also a little heavy-handed.’
    • ‘Here, I have combined it with breadcrumbs and parsley to make a delicious crust for grilled fish such as whiting, lemon sole or sea bream.’
    • ‘The shop also has a wide range of seafood including tiger prawns, mussels, sea bream and breaded crab claws.’


sea bream

/ˈsē ˌbrēm/