Definition of sea bass in US English:

sea bass


  • Any of a number of marine fishes that are related to or resemble the common perch.

    the European bass, "Dicentrarchus labrax"See bass (sense 2)

    a mainly tropical fish of a large family ("Serranidae", the sea bass family), especially one of the genus "Centropristis", including the giant sea bass ("C. stiata"). The sea bass family also includes the groupers

    (''white sea bass'') a large game fish of the Pacific coast of North America ("Cynoscion nobilis", family "Sciaenidae")

    • ‘Dine on seafood specialties, including the superb ceviche de corvina - raw white sea bass marinated in lime juice - in the open-air cocina.’
    • ‘Again, did you know that the Pla samli, or kingfish is also known as the black-banded trevally, or the Pla kapong khao or sea perch is also known as the white sea bass?’
    • ‘Alaskan halibut, Alaskan salmon, sardines, white sea bass, and many farm-raised species, including tilapia, are better choices, according to the lists.’
    • ‘Angela, along with twelve other PSC fishing members, landed approximately eighty nice, mostly small mouth, white sea bass.’
    • ‘Kelp beds off the coast disappeared, white sea bass numbers dwindled and Dover sole suffered from fin rot.’


sea bass

/ˈsē ˌbas//ˈsi ˌbæs/