Definition of scutellum in English:



Zoology Botany
  • 1A small shieldlike structure.

    1. 1.1 A modified cotyledon in the embryo of a grass seed.
      • ‘The ENGase activity was almost equally distributed in the endosperm, the radicle and the scutellum.’
      • ‘Protein reserves in the cereal endosperm are sequentially degraded to small peptides and amino acids during germination and these are translocated across the scutellum to support growth of the embryo.’
      • ‘Peptide transport activity appears in the scutellum of barley seeds after 6-12 h imbibition, before any visible signs of germination, and increases rapidly to a maximum around 24 h imbibition.’
      • ‘An aspartic proteinase was also found in the PB of scutellum cells in dry barley grains.’
      • ‘Early studies on sucrose mobilization from the vacuole of germinating maize scutellum cells alluded to the likely possibility of SuSy being tonoplast associated.’
    2. 1.2 The third dorsal sclerite in each thoracic segment of an insect.
      • ‘The deposition of pollinaria on the scutellum of bees clearly enhances the chances of cross-pollination, since it is very difficult for these insects to groom and remove the pollinaria from this region.’
      • ‘This reward-lacking orchid is pollinated either by workers or drones of Apis cerana japonica which fix pollinaria on the scutellum.’
      • ‘In all these species, the broad arcuate viscidium firmly embraces the pollinator scutellum when the insect leaves the flower.’
      • ‘Then, the arcuate viscidium firmly embraces and adheres on the bee scutellum and the pollinarium is removed.’


Mid 18th century: modern Latin, diminutive of Latin scutum ‘shield’.