Definition of scrupulousness in US English:



  • See scrupulous

    • ‘It's a lazy reflex to draw congruencies between a writer's manner and their prose, but her paragraphs have the same scrupulousness, the same deliberate observation.’
    • ‘And yet its very scrupulousness blunts the impact.’
    • ‘Invariably, FDA's scrupulousness has benefited science and saved millions of lives.’
    • ‘His turning to God first showed itself in a new scrupulousness in morals.’
    • ‘They feel they have to make some worthy comment, treat the city with some kind of moral scrupulousness and say something appropriate.’
    • ‘Rather, it was a stormy month of shifting positions, escalating tactics and fraying tempers in which neither side won any awards for consistency or scrupulousness.’
    • ‘Such moral scrupulousness and lack of compromise is regarded as an essential fruit of salvation.’