Definition of scrub brush in US English:

scrub brush

(British scrubbing brush)


  • A brush with hard bristles, used especially for cleaning floors.

    • ‘Kathy shrugged and stood up, throwing her scrubbing brush back into the bucket.’
    • ‘You're just asking to be smacked with this soapy scrubbing brush, aren't you?’
    • ‘Only scrubbing brushes, fuel and toiletries come lower on the national shopping list than financial services.’
    • ‘Cleaners also used scrubbing brushes to remove debris from the ground.’
    • ‘‘Lots of water, high pressure spit-water gurneys, lots of elbow grease, scrubbing brushes and disinfectant - it's the worst spring clean you could ever imagine,’ he said.’
    • ‘To make matters worse they had stiff, coarse, scrubbing brushes to wield.’
    • ‘Then he soaped the scrubbing brush with red carbolic and scrubbed his back.’
    • ‘If only, people sigh, we still had matrons, ruling the roost with rods of iron (and ensuring that brooms and scrubbing brushes were used regularly and effectively).’
    • ‘If your teak garden furniture becomes dirty it is easy to clean with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush which will enable you to restore the beautiful silver grey weathered look.’
    • ‘Use washing soda crystals dissolved in hot water, and a scrubbing brush, or a purpose-made acid.’
    • ‘We cleaned with brooms, dusters, buckets, and scrubbing brushes.’
    • ‘The grub at the bottom of one just wouldn't budge so, instead of doing something sensible, I grabbed a newer scrubbing brush.’
    • ‘There are some scrubbing brushes and cloths and stuff over in that pile.’
    • ‘As always, in order to know if you are finding anything, a bucket of water and a stiff scrubbing brush are a must.’
    • ‘But he then spent a Saturday morning removing his scribbling with a scrubbing brush after local police informed his parents.’
    • ‘Her first request was for 200 scrubbing brushes.’
    • ‘Sony need a heavy duty scrubbing brush and hospital grade cleaner to accompany them.’
    • ‘Plates, pots and pans are cleaned with a scrubbing brush then put in a drying rack over the sink, and benches, tables and stoves are cleaned with paper towel.’
    • ‘Brushes, brooms, scrubbing brushes and soap are provided by the owners.’