Definition of scrolling in US English:



  • The action of moving displayed text or graphics up, down, or across on a computer screen in order to view different parts of them.

    • ‘Incidentally the website is based, as you discover rather late in the day, on horizontal scrolling.’
    • ‘So there is no excuse for irritating scrolling of text up and down, especially when it's for quite small distances.’
    • ‘Because parts are categorized, finding an item doesn't require extensive searching or scrolling.’


  • attributive (of an ornamental design or carving) made to resemble a partly unrolled scroll of parchment.

    ‘a pair of bath supports with scrolling vines’
    • ‘Elsewhere, passages become more complex, with a subtle, scrolling pattern resembling rubbings from incised stone.’
    • ‘The scrolling brass inlay on this cup is a relatively unusual feature although German tankards were occasionally decorated the same way.’
    • ‘The field is patterned with flowering trees and Mughal-style angels or peris and there is a wide border with a scrolling design of flowers and birds.’
    • ‘Its rich deep border was a riot of scrolling acanthus, shells and stylised fountains.’
    • ‘The Ashburnham hangings are based primarily on English crewel work bed hangings with more freely scrolling tree designs than is found in Mughal floorspreads.’