Definition of scroll bar in US English:

scroll bar

(also scrollbar)


  • A long thin section at the edge of a computer display by which material can be scrolled using a mouse.

    • ‘One can change: text size, scroll bar size, icon size, color scheme, use visual indicators instead of sound effects.’
    • ‘A scroll bar is a scroll bar, no matter how cool it looks.’
    • ‘You'll never look at scroll bars the same again.’
    • ‘A bugbear of mine is the watery-blue sliders in the scroll bars.’
    • ‘Use the scroll bar under the picture to move left and right.’
    • ‘Design for a resolution of 640x480 if you want to be sure that your pages avoid having scroll bars.’
    • ‘Roll the wheel forward or backward instead of clicking on a scroll bar or arrow.’
    • ‘There's something weird with my blog site right now, though - the little scroll bar thingy on the right keeps flickering.’
    • ‘Because of the screen resolution the right hand scroll bar is very slim and the down arrow tiny.’
    • ‘He tried to explain to her that this was because of the higher resolution and that a higher resolution was better but she was adament that she wanted her scroll bars back.’
    • ‘Documents with extra-wide margins are now displayed in a browser with a horizontal scroll bar.’
    • ‘It's included Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons on the keyboard, and has included a scroll bar on the left-hand side, so your other hand won't feel left out of the action.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, when used with a PC, the scroll ball allows no movement of the horizontal scroll bar.’
    • ‘The overall layout of the scroll bars and the way the frames are displayed is very impressive.’
    • ‘As your scroll bar is telling you, this document alone is large enough.’
    • ‘His is the only site with a scroll bar featuring pictures of the candidate no matter where you click.’
    • ‘Surely the scroll bars belong to the operating system, not to the web site?’
    • ‘There weren't enough messages for a scroll bar to appear.’
    • ‘The site still looks a bit ropey, the scroll bars have disappeared on the blog, the red is too dark on the links.’


scroll bar

/ˈskrōl ˌbär//ˈskroʊl ˌbɑr/