Definition of script kiddie in US English:

script kiddie


derogatory, informal
  • A person who uses existing computer scripts or code to hack into computers, lacking the expertise to write their own.

    • ‘The internet's no longer dominated by script kiddies looking for bragging rights.’
    • ‘The unskilled - the script kiddies - typically point and shoot with the tools produced by the elite.’
    • ‘Young virus writers and script kiddies troll the Internet every day.’
    • ‘These days, attacks are no longer coming from inexperienced script kiddies, but from skilled rogue programmers.’
    • ‘Every security consultant I speak to says the same thing: ‘Just wait until the script kiddies turn their attention to voice.’’
    • ‘Automatic hacking tools with easy point-and-click interfaces, ready made for script kiddies, cause a lot of damage to organizations and their networks.’
    • ‘But a single malicious user can cause a lot of damage - and a handful of politically motivated script kiddies, pooling their resources, could be even more dangerous.’
    • ‘And, of course, earlier operating systems still have a sizable share of the PC market and have numerous vulnerabilities that this won't fix - all targets for virus writers and script kiddies.’
    • ‘Often the tools are made public, and are used by thousands of script kiddies world-wide.’
    • ‘Nor will I defend script kiddies, who generally have no programming skills whatsoever.’
    • ‘Preventive countermeasures help significantly against script kiddies, but fail against smart attackers.’
    • ‘It's no longer script kiddies - there's a high level of sophistication.’
    • ‘When your network is being scanned dozens of times a day by script kiddies, the one serious criminal can sneak in unnoticed.’
    • ‘The script kiddies are frequently unable to resist the temptation to show off and announce their presence.’
    • ‘Eighty percent of all cybercrime is caused by corporate insiders, not outside script kiddies.’