Definition of scribbly in US English:



  • See scribble

    • ‘At least, I assume that the scribbly zigzag line is Tony's signature and not something the bookshop asked one of their junior staff to forge.’
    • ‘A scribbly pencil line cut through the clumps of paint or twisted around the perimeter.’
    • ‘With a nearly unreadable signature (everyone knew his scribbly writing anyway), Jerry signed his name and anxiously took his seat at the back of the room, polishing his silver-painted tuba.’
    • ‘Drawn with a relaxed ink line, scribbly shading and a mix of watercolour and gouache, the book has the slightly muted and nostalgic tones of early comics and dated toy packaging.’
    • ‘Technology and inspired creativity have taken the scribbly, animated style of that music video that everyone remembers and turned it into an innovative, impressionist art form for the silver screen.’