Definition of screwup in US English:



North American
  • A situation that has been completely mismanaged or mishandled.

    ‘a massive bureaucratic screwup’
    • ‘The real problems are not crypto-related: they're implementation errors, trust-model screw-ups, intentional misuse, misconfiguration, etc.’
    • ‘It ill-behooves the president's partisans to use the sheer magnitude of their screw-ups as an excuse not to discuss them.’
    • ‘If he doesn't believe me, I refer him to the journalistic screw-ups of the newspaper that has employed him since 1966.’
    • ‘She couldn't help but dwell on her failures, screw-ups, and her crummy life.’
    • ‘I'm afraid I'm not much impressed when people only get outraged over the mistakes of their political enemies and overlook similar screw-ups by their own side.’
    • ‘Seemingly, by listening to an itinerant, well-heeled failure talk about his screw-ups, people feel less devastated by their own mistakes.’
    • ‘In the past year, numerous media accounts have revealed screw-ups, miscalculations and oversights.’
    • ‘The documentary gets almost painful to watch at times as you see so many screw-ups and mistakes.’
    • ‘Someday someone is going to put together an article cataloging just how many screw-ups he has been responsible for in the last two years.’
    • ‘With new people doing new tasks, there are going to be screw-ups, mistakes, confusion, and missteps - one hopes they won't be fatal.’
    • ‘He's hanging up on people, putting them through to the wrong extensions, and basically causing a massive screw-up.’
    • ‘But the administration's most potent screw-ups came in one of the areas it could least afford: the economy.’
    • ‘The result has been a cascading series of intelligence failures and screw-ups that have hurt the country.’
    • ‘I'm unconvinced by anti-war people screaming about screw-ups in the early weeks of the war, including the latest explosives flap.’
    • ‘Were there some highly visible screw-ups that perhaps could have ended this killing spree earlier?’
    • ‘The fact is that there were screw-ups at all levels.’
    • ‘Sources and methods should not be used as cover for screw-ups and mistakes - which has too often happened in past intelligence scandals.’
    • ‘Thanks to a screw-up in the CD database, some MP3s have the artist and song title reversed.’
    • ‘Given the errors, screw-ups, distortions, and misleads that we now know about, are you willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility?’
    • ‘A screw-up this big can't be blamed solely on those two entities.’
    muddle, mess, tangle, jumble, entanglement, imbroglio
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