Definition of screwed-up in English:



  • 1(of a person) emotionally disturbed; neurotic.

    ‘the screwed-up children of wealthy parents’
    • ‘The film explores members of a strikingly dysfunctional family dominated by three siblings once hailed as child geniuses, but now recognizable as deeply screwed-up adults.’
    • ‘Maybe I'm just so screwed-up and flawed that nothing would make me happy.’
    • ‘I got on well with him but he was just a really screwed-up person.’
    • ‘They are not schools in the traditional sense, but holding pens for very troubled, screwed-up kids, and several of these schools are located outside the United States.’
    • ‘I'm still an insane, screwed-up, depressed teenager, and I personally don't think that writing letters to myself will change that.’
    • ‘Of course I was shocked about what you did, but you were a screwed-up kid.’
    • ‘This is not what the Orioles should be: a repository for screwed-up superstars whose former teams will do anything to dump them.’
    • ‘He affirmed that all we have on this planet are conflicted, screwed-up people, so he has the right to be screwed up too.’
    • ‘Waiting for due process of the legitimate legal system seems a small price to pay to save even one screwed-up teenager.’
    • ‘Her breakdown plays like a story your friend told you about some screwed-up friend of a friend, ridiculous but local enough that you can't help but buy in.’
    • ‘Holloway is a totally screwed-up British bobby on the run with a sack full of money.’
    • ‘The children of such persons would be screwed-up and not know right from wrong.’
    • ‘How surprising would it be if Harry was a bit bloody angry inside and more than a little screwed-up?’
    • ‘Most people want their showbiz heroes and heroines to be screwed-up, unpredictable and prone to artistic tantrums, don't they?’
    • ‘The real punishment is having to sit in prison and watch a TV movie about what a screwed-up freak you are.’
    • ‘She was, essentially, the most screwed-up person he had ever met.’
    • ‘He is our nearest contemporary equivalent to Blake, our sweetest-natured screwed-up visionary.’
    • ‘The 1984 hit is a story about two completely screwed-up people in the Bronx, each trying to turn the other into his or her salvation.’
    • ‘Speaking of screwed-up families, what's going on with Tristan?’
    • ‘‘She's head of the PTA, but she's also probably the most screwed-up and loneliest person here,’ he says.’
    1. 1.1 (of an event or a situation) spoiled by being badly managed or carried out.
      ‘that was the most screwed-up audition’
      • ‘Depicting childhood (even an impoverished and screwed-up childhood) in the same palette used for trench warfare doesn't work.’
      • ‘His fictional forays into the lives of women suggest that the church dooms its female parishioners to screwed-up relationships with men.’
      • ‘I didn't have the screwed-up childhood or soul-wrenching angst or any other useful twisted motivation for soloing.’
      • ‘He seems determined to be running with the hares and hunting with the hounds, never acknowledging that he himself had a significant role in what is yet another badly screwed-up UN endeavour.’
      • ‘We are surviving through this really screwed-up time in the music business.’
      • ‘He starts going back in time to fix things and coming back to ever more screwed-up present-day circumstances.’
      • ‘At every level, they have discovered or rediscovered that dropping an active duty force into a screwed-up situation unscrews it pretty fast.’
      • ‘She herself had put forward the option that made his whole screwed-up situation so much easier.’
      • ‘So it goes through screwed-up adventure after screwed-up adventure, all leading up to this!’
      • ‘Belfast is easily the most crazed, screwed-up city you'll ever come across.’
      • ‘He's finally realized what's happened, that what's happening to him isn't some screwed-up act of fate.’