Definition of screencap in US English:



  • A screenshot.

    ‘the website lets people submit screencaps of their autocorrect mishaps’
    • ‘Here are a few screencaps from the guy who took the video.’
    • ‘Here are a few almost identical screencaps.’
    • ‘The screencap above was taken from an email we received today.’
    • ‘Below is a screencap of some of the malicious tweets.’
    • ‘Don't let a few trolls who mistake an Internet screencap as a sufficient substitute for viewing the entire film lead anyone astray.’
    • ‘This screencap is from a survey sent out to their customer panel.’
    • ‘Here's a screencap so you know I didn't make this all up.’
    • ‘I have downloaded your entire website as evidence and I saved screencaps of it, so don't bother delete it.’
    • ‘The slur was deleted quickly, according to his Twitter followers, but screencaps of the message were saved and re-posted.’
    • ‘Here is a screencap from the 2001 DVD of the first film.’
    • ‘I've made some screencap comparisons between the Blu-ray and the remastered 1080P trailer.’
    • ‘In a blog post on the tech news site Neowin, screencaps of the application show an airy, modern design that garnered high praise for its ease-of-use, fluidity and stability.’
    • ‘The video's not there, but you can still tell from the screencap that it's large enough to fit 10 regular sized Xbox 360 s, 3 PlayStation 3 s, and one Xbox 1.’
    • ‘I would get a screencap but the camera angle sucks.’
    • ‘As you can see from the screencap above, I managed to pick a whopping seven games correctly last week.’


1990s: blend of screen and capture.