Definition of screamingly in US English:



  • as submodifier To a very great extent; extremely.

    ‘a screamingly dull daily routine’
    • ‘I went around to the pay window and noticed the line was moving screamingly fast.’
    • ‘‘If you had to point out a difference between this and the last couple of albums, it's that there are a few totally screamingly loud songs on it,’ says Braithwaite.’
    • ‘Here's another of her screamingly funny bon mots.’
    • ‘He wrote it all because it all seemed bound together in some screamingly obvious way that he couldn't quite get.’
    • ‘You didn't win because of one screamingly obvious reason.’
    • ‘At the moment, our self-righteous claim that we are here to ensure accountability is so screamingly hypocritical it's our credibility that's shot to pieces.’
    • ‘This screamingly natural move turns out to be a mistake.’
    • ‘OK, it's screamingly obvious but switch off lights when you leave a room and turn off radiators in unused rooms.’
    • ‘There are short bursts of screamingly funny material followed by long dry spells that hardly elicit a giggle.’
    • ‘For the screamingly obvious manipulation/staging of these images, it's pretty inexcusable that we've had to wait this long for someone to report on it.’
    • ‘This is a screamingly obvious parallel which Rich mysteriously fails to acknowledge.’
    • ‘This implies that either the shares are screamingly cheap or that investors have severe doubts over the company's asset base.’
    • ‘Women, in particular, should take note of the Census results because there's a screamingly loud wake-up call in there for them too.’
    • ‘Carrey is, of course, the perfect casting decision - his rubber face and unparalleled comedic timing make the transitions between Charlie and Hank screamingly funny.’
    • ‘That's why outsiders are often puzzled by the success of games that would appear to be nothing but screamingly offensive content.’
    • ‘This was the ground breaking TV show circa 1985 that contained the screamingly funny continuing TV soap spoof based in the busy antiques shop in Manchesterford.’
    • ‘It is never easy for them to sell, even if you offer them a screamingly high price.’
    • ‘Oskar's narrative is light, charming and often humorous - his appearance in Hamlet is screamingly funny.’
    • ‘In my case I'd say shares, on the whole, are cheap although not screamingly so.’
    • ‘I'm astonished that they are treating you like some sort of enemy for simply pointing out the screamingly obvious.’
    extremely, very, really, thoroughly, exceedingly, immensely, incredibly, amazingly, remarkably, exceptionally, uncommonly, extraordinarily, perfectly, truly, simply, positive, positively, downright
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