Definition of scream (or yell) bloody murder in US English:

scream (or yell) bloody murder

(British yell blue murder, scream blue murder)


  • Make an extravagant and noisy protest.

    ‘she had tripped and was screaming bloody murder’
    • ‘A two year old who screams bloody murder because he is not allowed to play with a rusty tin can and is witness to a responsible parent saying ‘No’ may be more likely later to resist showing off by driving too fast.’
    • ‘He clutched onto the sleeve and yelled blue murder.’
    • ‘As I wrote below, the opposition will bluster and fidget and scream bloody murder.’
    • ‘If you are the defense, you're certainly going to be screaming bloody murder if you ever find out about it.’
    • ‘The local news divisions of those stations should scream bloody murder, but there are so few notions of journalistic integrity in local news left that I wouldn't expect much.’
    • ‘My personal favourite is the supermarket tantrum, which generally involves junk food, one harassed mother with a teetering shopping cart and a child on the floor screaming blue murder.’
    • ‘When they're jumping up and down screaming blue murder about the £250 trainers they Simply Must Have, just shrug and smile serenely (and push the cotton wool deeper into your ears).’
    • ‘The first few times it happened, I screamed blue murder for the nurse, who came and simply opened the clamp, increasing the flow and flushing the blood back into the vein in a wonderfully cold ripply gush.’
    • ‘She was screaming blue murder and couldn't walk.’
    • ‘Her butt was wedged up behind the refrigerator and she was screaming bloody murder.’