Definition of scratchpad in US English:


(also scratch pad)


North American
  • 1A notepad.

    • ‘He frowns at the numbers on display, looks back at the scratch pad on his desk, and jots down some notes in his sprawling confident handwriting.’
    • ‘Dom took another paper off the scratch pad from the bag of supplies that he still carried and began transferring the clue's symbols.’
    • ‘Ash and Lari would exchange looks every few minutes while Dara scribbled numbers and letters down on a faded yellow scratch pad.’
    • ‘She scribbled the address on a scratch pad and gave it to me.’
    • ‘He also keeps on that clipboard a scratch pad where he jots down ideas for a screenplay he's developing (he wouldn't share the details) and verses for his hobby as a spoken-word poet.’
    1. 1.1Computing A small, fast memory for the temporary storage of data.
      • ‘Rather than just being something of an open scratch pad, JotSpot lets people build their own software programs.’