Definition of scraping in US English:



  • 1The action or sound of something scraping or being scraped.

    ‘the scraping of the spoon in the bowl’
    in singular ‘there was a scraping of chairs’
    • ‘The music has an industrial edge, a cranking ratcheting energy that sounds like raw sparks being generated, or the bare scraping of metal on metal.’
    • ‘There's still the bathroom to go - which requires some serious scraping to get rid of old peeling paint.’
    • ‘There was a loud scraping as chairs were pushed back from the table.’
    • ‘It also signifies the start of summer and with it thousands of grill masters begin their annual ritual of scraping and cleaning the backyard barbeque.’
    • ‘Silently, she waited until she heard her cue: the soft scraping of the window and the soft air pop sound of the gun firing.’
    • ‘The three-minute whistle and subsequent mad scraping of chairs made me think more of PE than physical intimacy.’
    • ‘The squeak of my match sounded as loud as the scraping of a brake, and I almost fancied I heard it fall when I tossed it onto the grass.’
    • ‘This was followed by the usual scraping of chairs as everyone took their seats again.’
    • ‘Jaime jumped when a sharp scraping sounded behind her.’
    • ‘Brittney and I woke up to the sound of scraping and movement against the house.’
    • ‘Everything was eerily quiet, the sound of cutlery clattering against a plate and the scraping of chairs abnormally loud in the silence.’
    • ‘Over the sizzling and scraping of cutlery on the pan, there is a note of concentration in his voice.’
    • ‘This time it was a loud thudding and scraping, as though furniture was being moved around and, all the while, there was a persistent chattering.’
    • ‘Heavy double doors closed with amplified loud scraping before a final crash as they came together and locked.’
    • ‘There was much scraping of chairs and muted discussions as the teachers huddled together in four groups and participated actively in brainstorming sessions.’
    • ‘There was a quick shuffle of feet and scraping of the wooden desks and chairs against the linoleum floor as everyone immediately situated themselves in their seats.’
    • ‘Her ears twisted round to the sound of scraping at the door, her eyes now fully awake narrowed as she remembered the dumbness of dogs.’
    • ‘He could hear the sound of scraping and clanking metal.’
    • ‘The only sounds filling the room was the soft scraping of his knife and fork across his serving dish and the tick of a mahogany clock atop a mantel.’
    • ‘A sound emanated from the stream, the rough, dry scraping of scales over rock.’
    1. 1.1usually scrapings A small amount of something that has been obtained by scraping it from a surface.
      ‘I got some scrapings from under the girl's fingernails’
      • ‘Skin scrapings obtained from the leading edge of the burrow and under the fingernails are most likely to produce a mite.’
      • ‘A forensics team has discovered fresh soda residue, as well as aluminum scrapings, indicating that cans are still being crushed in the airlocks.’
      • ‘Some manufacturers use animal-derived forms of collagen, such as ground-up chicken feet or the scrapings of bird or cow skins.’
      • ‘Diagnostic tests may include skin scrapings, hair combings, a dermatophyte culture, blood work, and skin biopsies.’
      • ‘Tadpoles typically work their elaborate, jagged mouthparts over a surface, making a soup of the scrapings.’
      • ‘In 1683, Leeuwenhoek presented another famous communication on bacteria found in saliva and tooth scrapings from his mouth.’
      • ‘Samples of blood and mucus, scrapings of epithelium, and fragments of glands are unacceptable.’
      • ‘We obtained laminaria from the obstetric unit and examined scrapings by routine processing.’
      • ‘For this case, some 93 exhibits were collected, including clothes, fingernail clippings and scrapings and hair.’
      • ‘Plus, he's going to take scrapings and hair samples from inside Ruffian's helmet.’
      • ‘The scrapings are placed directly on a microscope slide and viewed under magnification for the presence of characteristic Sarcoptes scabiei mite's eggs or faecal pellets.’
      • ‘A full profile was obtained on the scrapings from his right hand, which included cellular material such as skin.’
      • ‘But the bottle of gold filings - possibly the scrapings from a jeweller's bench - could be worth thousands of pounds.’
      • ‘A specimen obtained from scrapings of the woman's hand was prepared and examined with the use of a scanning electron microscope.’
      • ‘Test stool sample and scrapings to identify amoebic, bacterial, fungal or other parasitic problems.’
      • ‘The next day they had to return for skin scrapings and blood tests, which he later discovered were to measure the amount of enzymes left in his body.’
      • ‘Notice the cheese scrapings on top of the bread.’
      • ‘They take tiny scrapings from individual parts of the piece to check that it's pure silver, weighing it before and after.’
      • ‘It was a big glass bowl full of spaghetti in a watery white sauce, with dots of bacon and scrapings of cheese.’
      • ‘Given the exorbitant cost of authentic civet scrapings nowadays, Civet absolute is often formulated from civetone, a synthetic alternative.’
      leftovers, uneaten food, leavings, crumbs, scrapings, slops, dregs, scourings, offscourings, remains, remnants, residue, odds and ends, bits and pieces, bits and bobs
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