Definition of Scotswoman in English:



  • A female native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a woman of Scottish descent.

    • ‘If the fund-raising campaign for a statue of the late Queen Mother is successful, it will provide us with the first statue in Scotland of a native Scotswoman.’
    • ‘My sainted late mother was a very proper Scotswoman and never touched anything stronger than a glass of white wine, liberally diluted with ice, in all her life.’
    • ‘What he had to do was vindicate himself in the eyes of all Scotsmen - and maybe one particular Scotswoman - and he did it gloriously.’
    • ‘The Scotswoman who once donated her pocket money to starving children in Africa and now gives millions to help the world's poor will next month turn her back on the troubles of the past week to collect the honour in Texas.’
    • ‘The Scotswoman swam magnificently to finish in 1 minute 22.2 seconds, just an agonising fifth of a second behind the winner.’
    • ‘A 110-year-old Scotswoman was yesterday named the UK's oldest person, and greeted her accolade with the words: ‘God alone knows why I've lived so long.’’
    • ‘If you're a pioneering, high-achieving Scotswoman, what extraordinary standards of human endeavour are required before you qualify for a statue?’
    • ‘In 1923 she was the first Scotswoman to be elected to parliament, where she opposed Hitler and the British policy of appeasement.’
    • ‘She has plotted her campaign to become the first Scotswoman to win an Olympic gold medal as her sport takes centre stage on the opening day of the Games in September.’
    • ‘But in adding gold in Athens to her victory in Sydney, Robertson became the greatest ever Olympic Scotswoman.’
    • ‘The audience had already listened to a Scotswoman extol the virtues of her business.’
    • ‘A Scotswoman who travelled the country holding seances, was one of Britain's best-known mediums at the time.’
    • ‘In a desperate attempt to locate Peter, Charlotte, a Scotswoman who can speak fluent French, enlists to become an undercover courier.’
    • ‘A handful of Scotswomen provided some of the most energetic of the suffrage campaigners who harried the government.’
    • ‘It was sheer determination which spurred her on to become the first Scotswoman to reach the summit last week.’