Definition of Scotsman in US English:



  • A male native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a man of Scottish descent.

    • ‘We were mostly men - along with the Thai patients, there were a couple of Scotsmen, an Irishman, a French guy and a German, plus an American woman.’
    • ‘I knew why we Irishmen were here, but why an American, a French, a Scotsmen, and an Englishman would want the Irish Emerald, I had no clue.’
    • ‘In winning their medals, the two Scotsmen moved British cycling onwards by miles.’
    • ‘According to A. Grant, he came to know the Scottish Universities better even than do Scotsmen themselves.’
    • ‘The palettes of these French artists, as well as the time the Scotsmen spent in the brilliant light of the south of France, had an important and lasting effect on their work.’
    • ‘Wherever he finds his new coach it looks likely that he will have to sign his players locally, since the Scotsmen in England show no signs of returning home.’
    • ‘With only 19 combined England and Great Britain appearances, Moore will be the most inexperienced member in a squad of 16 who also include three Scotsmen for the first time since 1988.’
    • ‘Is it true that real Scotsmen wear nothing under the kilt?’
    • ‘First of all, it's odd that the film stars a Scotsman and an American when it's set so prominently in Belfast.’
    • ‘The ground was packed with enthusiastic Scotsmen, and this race will stand in my memory as the greatest in my running career.’
    • ‘But for those Scotsmen and Irishmen who were firmly inside, rather than on the fringes of, the Hanoverian state, the new system of governance had a great deal to offer.’
    • ‘Nicklaus had won the Open twice in Scotland, and now that he was bearing down on a third, the hue and cry of 18,000 sunburnt Scotsmen was letting him know they were pulling for him.’
    • ‘A Boston lawyer and three Scotsmen created Oakhurst Links in 1884.’
    • ‘What he had to do was vindicate himself in the eyes of all Scotsmen - and maybe one particular Scotswoman - and he did it gloriously.’
    • ‘One can only respect the moral judgment of the great majority of Scotsmen and women who supported the bill to ban all live animal hunting.’
    • ‘His memories of being sent to Arran as a child were of freedom and self-sufficiency, high thinking and low living: just the things for which Scotsmen used to be famous.’