Definition of Scots in US English:



  • ‘a Scots accent’
    another term for Scottish
    • ‘The only slight cloud on the horizon for retailers is emerging evidence that Scots consumers have delayed their Christmas gift-buying.’
    • ‘But the most depressing aspect of the matter is the way various politicians of all parties have seized upon the outcome as a vindication of Scots law.’
    • ‘Over the next fortnight Scots football supporters are set to raise the political stakes in their pursuit of greater representation at their clubs.’
    • ‘The speed with which the parliament was not merely established but also assimilated into everyday Scots life is a testament to the acuity of his observation.’
    • ‘She has been campaigning for a sectarian element to be incorporated into Scots law since she set up the organisation almost two years ago.’
    • ‘The first minister began a four-day visit to the Olympic games in Athens yesterday to cheer on Scots athletes.’
    • ‘What is particularly interesting to me in this article is that many of the residents suffering CFS are of Scots heritage.’
    • ‘New York City is just one area of a huge country and is not known for a concentration of Scots descendants who might be predisposed to travel back to the home of their ancestors.’
    • ‘Thousands of Scots homeowners face massive council tax hikes under Labour plans to introduce higher rates for the most valuable properties.’
    • ‘He is keen to recruit Scots businessmen and women working overseas to return to the country and help foster that entrepreneurial spirit.’
    • ‘The former tycoon remains the mould for any young Scots entrepreneur wanting to hoist themselves up by the bootstraps.’
    • ‘He is urging Scots businesses to come forward and help fund the organisation's Anastasis hospital ship when it comes to Dundee later this year.’
    • ‘I spent a few minutes in the abbey museum, admiring high-relief tomb carvings of bygone Scots kings and chieftains in full battle gear.’
    • ‘He suggests it would be easier for Scots actresses to get more roles in international films if there were more opportunities for them in British films.’
    • ‘He joins a chorus of leading figures and academics from the world of Scots art and culture who are concerned about the plight of Burns' birthplace.’
    • ‘Last week's debate on the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into Scots law may turn out to be a kind of constitutional landmark.’
    • ‘So as Scots pupils prepare to collect their exam results, they may wish to consider what experiences they might like to collect over the next year.’
    • ‘Only half of English parents now support the comprehensive system, whereas almost two-thirds of Scots parents still do.’
    • ‘Yesterday, a leading expert on Scots law said there had been no other case of anyone standing trial accused of the crime since the 19th century.’
    • ‘The one constant in Scots history is lack of funds.’


  • The form of English used in Scotland.

    • ‘The novel's most amusing aspect is an introduction championing the use of Scots - written in standard English.’
    • ‘Now the Old Testament is to be translated into Scots to give the story of the creation, Noah's ark and the Ten Commandments a Scottish accent.’
    • ‘This is a translation of the old Scots that the Bishop of Orkney actually wrote.’
    • ‘As well as Gaelic, Scots and English, he wrote poems in French, Italian and Norwegian.’
    • ‘She returned and wanted to spread the word - but something happened in the translation to Scots.’
    • ‘By and large, spoken and written Scots are difficult for non-speakers, and require an investment of effort.’
    • ‘Displaying a hitherto hidden facility for languages, he welcomes delegates in three - English, Gaelic and Scots.’
    • ‘Scotland has never been a monoglot country, but has had at least three languages, of which Scots is one and Gaelic another.’
    • ‘And I can't help feeling that deliberately writing something in Scots is just wrong.’
    • ‘There are rich poetry and prose traditions in Gaelic, Scots, and Scots-inflected English.’
    • ‘In some of his songs, most notably in ‘The Cotter's Saturday Night ’, English and Scots are both used.’
    • ‘Kay presents overwhelming evidence of the distinctive vocabulary, syntax and grammar of Scots.’
    • ‘It is the first full-length novel, we are told, to be expressed in what Fitt and far too many others claim is Scots, and a language and not merely a dialect.’
    • ‘An estimated 1.5m of the nation's 5m people speak Scots, which some say is no more than English with a broad accent.’
    • ‘Generally, however, Scots was displaced in all types of writing by English and even the traces of it all but disappeared by century's end.’


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