Definition of Scotch pine in US English:

Scotch pine


  • A long-lived, medium-sized Eurasian pine tree extensively planted for its timber and other products. It is well established in the northeastern US and the Great Lakes region.

    Pinus sylvestris, family Pinaceae

    • ‘Here, they wander through a moss garden, admire the carefully-pruned shrubs and Scotch pines, marvel at the fine gravel raked to represent waves and touch the large field stones.’
    • ‘However, because of continuing insect and disease problems and lower wholesale and retail prices, planting of Scotch pine has declined in recent years.’
    • ‘For many years, 80% of the trees the Arends raised were Scotch pines, which had to be pruned between mid-June and late July.’
    • ‘If that same Scotch pine had been neglected and dried out as a consequence, it would have taken only 3 seconds for it to be completely engulfed in flames.’
    • ‘Red maple and Scotch pine are tolerant of wide variations in soil drainage and are found growing well on sites with soils ranging from quite dry to fairly wet.’


Scotch pine

/ˌskäCH ˈpīn/