Definition of Scotch pine in US English:

Scotch pine


  • A long-lived, medium-sized Eurasian pine tree extensively planted for its timber and other products. It is well established in the northeastern US and the Great Lakes region.

    Pinus sylvestris, family Pinaceae

    • ‘For many years, 80% of the trees the Arends raised were Scotch pines, which had to be pruned between mid-June and late July.’
    • ‘Red maple and Scotch pine are tolerant of wide variations in soil drainage and are found growing well on sites with soils ranging from quite dry to fairly wet.’
    • ‘Here, they wander through a moss garden, admire the carefully-pruned shrubs and Scotch pines, marvel at the fine gravel raked to represent waves and touch the large field stones.’
    • ‘However, because of continuing insect and disease problems and lower wholesale and retail prices, planting of Scotch pine has declined in recent years.’
    • ‘If that same Scotch pine had been neglected and dried out as a consequence, it would have taken only 3 seconds for it to be completely engulfed in flames.’


Scotch pine

/ˌskäCH ˈpīn/