Definition of Scotch bonnet in US English:

Scotch bonnet

(also Scotch bonnet pepper)


  • another term for Habanero
    • ‘Bajan meals emphasize fish, chicken, pork, and other foods common in West Africa, such as rice, okra, and Scotch bonnet peppers.’
    • ‘Chop the Scotch bonnet pepper in half and add it along with all dry spices, and 1 cup of milk.’
    • ‘The skin is blackened to form a crisp casing that seals in the meat's moisture, and slathered in a distinctive sauce made with allspice, potent Scotch bonnets and thyme.’
    • ‘The method of preparing meat with a dry rub, using scorching-hot Scotch bonnet peppers, was developed by runaway slaves to spice up the wild boars they chased down while hiding in the Blue Mountains.’
    • ‘I was invited to take some peppers home, and so I filled my hands with habañeros, Scotch bonnets, Serranos and several other types that I didn't recognize.’


Scotch bonnet

/skɑtʃ ˈbɑnət/