Definition of scorpionfish in US English:



  • A chiefly bottom-dwelling marine fish which is typically red in color and has spines on the head that are sometimes venomous.

    Family Scorpaenidae: many genera and numerous species, including the redfishes and rockfishes

    • ‘A magnificent short-spined scorpionfish with an impressive pink and dirty tan camouflage posed brilliantly, its huge eyes following my every move.’
    • ‘Bearded scorpionfish lurk everywhere - in crevices, on ledges and under rocky overhangs of stacked boulders - so keep your eyes peeled.’
    • ‘Pterois volitans are differentiated from other scorpionfishes by having 13 rather than 12 poisonous dorsal spines and 14 long, feather-like pectoral rays.’
    • ‘The rocky reefs and the small caverns formed within them are home to groupers, moray and conger eels, scorpionfish, many octopus and the occasional spiny lobster.’
    • ‘Scientists have observed a dolphin trying to get a reluctant moray eel to come out of its crevice by poking it with the spiny body of a dead scorpionfish.’