Definition of scorekeeper in US English:



  • A person who keeps the score of a game.

    • ‘For you older players, they are also looking for umpires, scorekeepers and coaches to lend a hand.’
    • ‘Select one player to be the scorekeeper, who creates a scoresheet by drawing a long column for each player and gives each player a starting score of $6.’
    • ‘And scorekeepers - like bestseller lists and cash register displays - are the barometer they use to determine whether a new idea is safe yet.’
    • ‘Will, if they ever have a draft for scorekeepers, you'll go in the first round.’
    • ‘The scorekeeper is designated prior to each game according to house rules.’
    • ‘Before automatic scoring became almost universal, good scorekeepers were always needed for leagues and tournaments.’
    • ‘Would she still come to my soccer games and would she still play mini one-on-one soccer games in the backyard with Karmen as scorekeeper just like we used to?’
    • ‘I was the scorekeeper because I hate that stupid game.’
    • ‘There was no official scorekeeper, but as usual, certain items were identified with certainty, some were the subject of learned speculation, and some brought laughter.’
    • ‘If a recent illness or asthma flare-up keeps your child from participating actively, your child can still stay involved by serving as scorekeeper or equipment handler until he or she is cleared to return to full participation.’
    • ‘In this case if you believe the scorekeepers, the recession ended at the end of 2001.’
    • ‘They are timekeepers, scorekeepers, and amplifiers.’
    • ‘In the game one could hear the scorekeeper seated in the hot sun announcing, ‘18 all… 19-18… 19 all.’’
    • ‘Like pitchers of today, it seems as if so very few scorekeepers finish what they start.’
    • ‘For example, if hemophilia prevents your child from participating in a contact sport, he or she can still be a part of the team as the scorekeeper or assistant manager.’
    • ‘Volunteers from scientific and engineering disciplines are needed to serve as moderators, judges, timekeepers and scorekeepers.’
    • ‘Parker believes that, generally speaking, even by the 1920s, ‘The scorekeeper did not regard making decisions as part of his function’.’
    • ‘The organisers of the table quiz would like to thank all the pupils that participated, their teachers and parents, the quiz master and scorekeepers and the Bee Park Community Centre, as well as its staff.’
    • ‘When the game is over, thank the scorekeepers and congratulate the winners, then get off the floor.’
    • ‘She also thanked the secretary, treasurer, scorekeeper, tournament director and committee members and said she had enjoyed her year in office.’