Definition of scops owl in US English:

scops owl


  • A small owl with distinctive ear tufts, found in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Genus Otus, family Strigidae: many species, in particular the widespread Eurasian scops owl (O. scops)

    • ‘The shy little Sokoke scops owl lives only in one coastal reserve in Kenya and in a second isolated forest in Tanzania.’
    • ‘Here too live several unique plants and animals that are found nowhere else on earth - such as the Sokoke scops owl - and endangered species like the African elephant and the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose.’
    • ‘She resembled a small scops owl, tiny, with huge eyes.’
    • ‘Minutes later, a faint reply suggests that a pair of Sokoke scops owls have roosted in the distance.’


Early 18th century: scops from modern Latin Scops (former genus name), from Greek skōps.


scops owl

/ˈskäps ˌoul/