Definition of scoopful in US English:



  • See scoop

    • ‘I poured some stew into a clay bowl, put a baked potato on my plate along with a long slab of pork and a scoopful of salad.’
    • ‘The parents said they were using a powdered formula, adding one scoopful to a bottle and filling it with water to the 8-oz level.’
    • ‘The Silk Road Aromatherapy and Tea Company on Government Street - run by two local women who trained as tea masters in China - offers a delightful range of teapots and mugs with lids, as well as a variety of tea blends sold loose by the scoopful.’
    • ‘Mia casually played with her cereal, swirling the spoon between the Cheerios and milk before taking a scoopful, sucking the milk between her teeth first and then eating the little circles.’
    • ‘About 5% reduction in cholesterol intake occurs with each scoopful of drug.’