Definition of scolding in US English:



  • An angry rebuke or reprimand.

    ‘she'd get a scolding from Victoria’
    • ‘From what I can tell from a number of the scoldings posted, she seemed to raise the ire of many.’
    • ‘It seems that in spite of the many scoldings that I had received from him over the years, he really did support my dream from the beginning.’
    • ‘She points her finger at me and adopts that scolding tone the French have mastered so well.’
    • ‘I gave him the scolding look I usually give to my brother and murmured, ‘Little guy, you are too young to know such words!’’
    • ‘They represent gentle scoldings of the modern sensibility; they remind us of our unparalleled capacity for complacency and myopia.’


  • Angrily rebuking or reprimanding.

    ‘a scolding glare’
    • ‘The minister's shrilly voice seemed to ring in your ears similar to your mother's scolding voice.’
    • ‘Her vocals are alternately sassy, playful and scolding, though they always retain a composure that makes them more detached than outrightly emotional.’
    • ‘But while the tone was scolding, the subtext was admiring.’
    • ‘Like me, he's been apparently receiving a few scolding messages lately from The Self-Appointed Orthodoxy Cops.’
    • ‘She points her finger at me and adopts that scolding tone the French have mastered so well.’
    • ‘None of us heard anything that was the least bit scolding.’
    • ‘"I can manage the rest on my own, thank you," she said with a scolding look.’
    • ‘In the end, Survivor is like a scolding finger-wag that never stops.’
    • ‘It will take more than a scolding editorial to affect change.’
    • ‘"Mila, Mila," said her momma, in a scolding light voice, "So much dead skin!"’
    • ‘My grandmother poked me firmly, with a scolding glare, and briskly changed the subject, saying: "Don't mind the child."’
    • ‘I wrote to Nicholas about it and got a scolding letter in reply.’
    • ‘We know that your sarcastic scolding style has brought you a huge reputation, but sometimes your lack of consideration also lost many supporters.’
    • ‘Josh gave her a scolding look then went on with his own business, Rose trudging along behind.’
    • ‘When they were in the side room once more, he pulled her to him and kissed her before her scolding words could leave her mouth.’
    • ‘She repeatedly uses the phrase, "did no such thing," sounding more like a scolding parent than an objective journalist.’
    • ‘Like any good crew chief, McGrew is parts wrench, coach, buddy and scolding voice.’
    • ‘And when he disagreed with Mr. Obama, he had a scolding tone.’
    • ‘Mom did her best to look scolding.’
    • ‘Should the reader sound scolding?’