Definition of sclerenchymatous in US English:



  • See sclerenchyma

    • ‘The inner sheath, termed the sclerenchymatous bundle or mestome sheath, is colourless and contains thickened walls and extensive suberin lamella.’
    • ‘At regions around the petioles that overlie major vascular bundles in both species the surface tissues do not separate from the underlying sclerenchymatous cells and no ice masses form there.’
    • ‘Hence, wall preparations used for analyses still contained the walls of rhizodermal, exodermal, and sclerenchymatous cells.’
    • ‘A conspicuous anatomical feature associated with pepper fruit ripening was the development of a plate of sclerenchymatous tissue in the separation zone.’
    • ‘The structural reinforcement of the sclerenchymatous tegmen and lignified endotesta also appears to be responsible for the unrolling of the recurved margins during imbibition.’