Definition of sclerenchyma in US English:



  • Strengthening tissue in a plant, formed from cells with thickened, typically lignified, walls.

    • ‘It had larger cells and more sclerenchyma and collenchyma (supporting tissue) in between the vascular bundle and epidermal cells.’
    • ‘The exodermis and underlying layer of heavily lignified sclerenchyma of Oryza sativa is a constitutive feature.’
    • ‘In addition, vascular sclerenchyma associated with leaf traces retained fluorescein even after prolonged rinsing.’
    • ‘Many of the genera in this large clade contain stone cells, accretions of sclerenchyma that occur in the fleshy part of the berry.’
    • ‘In Cayenne, development of a solid, lignified disk of sclerenchyma across the receptacle was positively associated with ease of separation in a comparison of an easy pick and a hard pick genotypes.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek sklēros ‘hard’ + enkhuma ‘infusion’, on the pattern of parenchyma.