Definition of scintillator in US English:



  • 1A material that fluoresces when struck by a charged particle or high-energy photon.

    • ‘Plastic scintillators, placed between the bricks, are needed to produce a flash of light upon absorption of an ionizing particle, specifically, neutrino.’
    • ‘It consists of a 13 meters in diameter weather balloon filled with about a kiloton of liquid scintillator, a chemical soup that emits flashes of light when an incoming anti-neutrino collides with a proton.’
    1. 1.1 A detector for charged particles and gamma rays in which scintillations produced in a phosphor are detected and amplified by a photomultiplier, giving an electrical output signal.
      • ‘Luc activity was assayed quantitatively with a liquid scintillator using the photon-counting mode after the feeding of luciferin as substrate.’
      • ‘Photons emitted from the scintillator generate an electron-hole pair.’
      • ‘However, traditional film-based scanners are gradually being replaced by digital systems that are based primarily on caesium-iodide scintillators coupled to flat-panel detectors.’
      • ‘The intensity and the energy of the ion beams on the target micropositioning stage or after the beam has penetrated the target are measured with a plastic scintillator.’
      • ‘The technologies used for detection are different, however, as the MINOS detectors are made from steel plates layered with plastic scintillators.’