Definition of Schwarzschild black hole in US English:

Schwarzschild black hole


  • A black hole of a kind supposed to result from the complete gravitational collapse of an electrically neutral and nonrotating body, having a physical singularity at the center to which infalling matter inevitably proceeds and at which the curvature of space–time is infinite. A Schwarzschild radius is the radius of the boundary of a hole of this type.

    • ‘If a mass is squeezed smaller than its Schwarzschild radius it becomes a Black Hole.’
    • ‘If a massive object lies entirely within its Schwarzschild radius then no light can escape from the surface of the object.’
    • ‘If an object exists entirely within its Schwarzschild radius then it is referred to as a black hole.’
    • ‘By the ‘size’ of a black hole we typically mean the Schwarzschild radius (or ‘event horizon’ as people like to say).’
    • ‘For an object with the mass of our Sun, the Schwarzschild radius is approximately three kilometres, much smaller than the Sun's current radius of about 700 000 kilometres.’


Named after Karl Schwarzschild (1873–1916), German astronomer.


Schwarzschild black hole