Definition of schoolmarm in English:



North American
  • A schoolmistress (typically used with reference to a woman regarded as prim, strict, and brisk in manner)

    • ‘It was an ice cream float gone guileful, a schoolmarm with a swagger.’
    • ‘This credo of a particular order of comparative literature is like the hush of the schoolmarm enforcing a designed consensus at lesson's end.’
    • ‘Many black teachers were themselves once students of the typical Yankee schoolmarms.’
    • ‘Maybe the cowboy in us prefers the saloon tart to the civilizing schoolmarm.’
    • ‘So did my New England Yankee public schoolmarms, but they and their policies have passed out of the culture and even the law.’
    • ‘The problem with me is that when I talk about my mission, I sound deadly serious because I'm a former schoolmarm.’
    • ‘Notable and new, to me at least, was the spectacle of matronly gents dressing up as their mothers, aunties and schoolmarms in dowdy conservative outfits, cheerlessly dispensing disapproval over all.’
    • ‘The schoolmarm buried within me is clamouring to get out.’
    • ‘But now she was standing behind the bench, looking down at me in a pose that was part schoolmarm and part Southern hanging judge.’
    • ‘The schoolmarm changes her profession and becomes an outlaw, called Kissin’ Kate Barlow.’
    • ‘A follow-up commercial had a gray-bunned schoolmarm firing off a letter about the grammatical goof, only to be challenged with the jingle, ‘Whaddaya want, good grammar or good taste?’’
    educator, tutor, instructor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, master, mistress, governess, educationalist, educationist
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