Definition of schoolhouse in US English:



  • A building used as a school, especially in a small community or village.

    • ‘We could put the library in the Assembly Hall and build the schoolhouse next to it.’
    • ‘She had just come home from another uneventful day at the village schoolhouse.’
    • ‘At its peak in the 1920s and 1930s, even the county's smaller towns each supported a bank, a diner, a gas station, a grocery, a schoolhouse, and a bar or two.’
    • ‘The next schoolhouse built now forms part of the display of early buildings at Stratford's Pioneer Village.’
    • ‘As Becky goes into the schoolhouse, she notices that the schoolmaster has left his desk key in the lock on the drawer.’
    • ‘The community also included an old stone church and a schoolhouse, which are open to visitors.’
    • ‘That vantage point also allowed him to depict in the foreground the community's schoolhouse, which was built in 1861 a short distance north of the church family.’
    • ‘Second, strengthen our national security by making major, long-overdue public investments in our infrastructure - schoolhouses, hospitals, roads and bridges, parks, etc.’
    • ‘The company also built housing for its staff and eventually a little town grew up that included a general store and a one-room schoolhouse, both erected in 1918.’
    • ‘And until the expulsion of the Jesuits in the early 1760s, the church controlled virtually all educational institutions, from village schoolhouses to university faculties.’
    • ‘Out here in Dallas, we have things like horses, old run-down schoolhouses, and beautiful churches that make the buildings around them look like they were built by school children.’
    • ‘Visitors are taken to a typical Amish house built in 1860, a threshing floor, a wind mill, a hay sling, a hog house, an Ice house, a walnut farm house, a corn and vegetable farm, a wagon shed, a wind mill, a pump house, a cow shed and a schoolhouse.’
    • ‘It was a schoolhouse for this particular community where elders could teach the young something about their environmental traditions, their past, and also their aspirations for the future.’
    • ‘The schoolhouse was small, a two story wooden building with peeling paint and a wide front porch set on half an acre of land overlooking North Branch Creek along with a small barn and a vacant teacher's cottage.’
    • ‘Emerald-green hills are dotted with old stone churches, one-room schoolhouses and white cottages ringed by picket fences and tidy flowerbeds.’
    • ‘To help pay the bills, she took on teaching at the Belleview School, a two-room schoolhouse that is now the preserve's visitor center.’
    • ‘An amazing amount of quality education happens inside the schoolhouse.’
    • ‘It features a unique collection of stone-built structures, including the market house, an old schoolhouse, an inn or pub, several attractive early 19th century houses and terraces, a church and an old creamery.’
    • ‘There wouldn't be another good chance for a public library or a new schoolhouse for a while.’
    • ‘Movie showings and lectures were held in schoolhouses, churches, sawmill settlements, and turpentine camps.’