Definition of school day in US English:

school day


  • A day on which classes are held in a primary or secondary school.

    • ‘He turned on his heel and headed for his first class, deciding to wait until the school day started in there.’
    • ‘Sit down with a pencil and paper, and list everything you do on a typical school day, breaking it down hour by hour.’
    • ‘The appeal panel must let all parties know its decision by the end of the second school day after the appeal hearing.’
    • ‘I would've skipped the whole school day if I kept going with this chapter.’
    • ‘She had on a purple shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes: the normal attire for common school day.’
    • ‘The next school day Sarah noticed that Steve was in most of her classes, except for choir.’
    • ‘Allow a half hour or so to relax, grab a snack and unwind after your hectic school day.’
    • ‘She'd then be out the door seconds after the bell rang to end the school day.’
    • ‘Parents were asked to maintain a log regarding the number of children's missed school days and the use of medical services postoperatively.’
    • ‘It was a Tuesday, which meant that it would be a regular school day for him.’
    • ‘I got up and stood in front of the mirror while starting to fix my hair for the new school day.’
    • ‘On any given school day, teen-agers across the nation stumble out of bed and prepare for the day.’
    • ‘She crawled out of her warm bed knowing that today was going to be a rather slow school day.’
    • ‘An exclusion should normally begin on the next school day.’
    • ‘Looking at her clock she found that the class was almost over, and with it the school day.’
    • ‘Figure out which foods affect you, and avoid them on school days.’
    • ‘Because of their symptomatology the majority of individuals with asthma experience a significant number of missed work or school days.’
    • ‘You can't go to sleep at two in the morning and live through a whole school day.’
    • ‘And 79 percent say that they are in such activities both on school days and on weekends.’
    • ‘Class went by, as usual, and soon the school day was over.’