Definition of school bus in English:

school bus


  • A bus that transports students from home to school, school to home, or to school-sponsored events.

    • ‘Every time gasoline goes up a few pennies a gallon, school districts pay thousands, and if it's a big school district, tens of thousands or more in the cost of getting to kids to school on school buses every day.’
    • ‘As Stacey heard the bright yellow school bus rumbling in the distance, her chest tightened.’
    • ‘Moments earlier, the future of our nation had bounded from 20 school buses parked in front of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.’
    • ‘There are even school buses that will pick students up from their homes on base.’
    • ‘No seatbelts on school buses is an important story.’
    • ‘Our initial thought was to convert to nineteen-passenger school buses, but still utilize our camp staff as drivers.’
    • ‘On the school bus, there is a black girl with hair plaited into squares who always sits by herself.’
    • ‘I saw a small patch of blacktop, with a classic yellow school bus parked on top of it.’
    • ‘They were the perfect armor for stepping off a school bus into a half-frozen puddle of gray slush.’
    • ‘Yeah, there are school buses, but yellow just ain't our color.’
    • ‘More than 50 people were treated at the scene of a school bus accident on a major New York City highway.’
    • ‘All of the children, even those who had been at the mansion for two weeks, had been expecting a normal yellow school bus.’
    • ‘A non-camp example of this involved a train that collided with a school bus.’
    • ‘There are huge parking lots for school buses, and all the buildings are closed off with high fences so residents and visitors only have access through the main streets to get to the boardwalk.’
    • ‘The city called in some 80 school buses to make sure that everyone could be evacuated.’
    • ‘Rescue workers in boats helped people out of school buses, where they were stranded.’
    • ‘He ran a basket factory, and he was a farmer, and then he ended up, because his wife was a teacher, driving a school bus in his spare time.’
    • ‘Find out if you'll need to transport students in your own vehicle or if a school bus will be provided.’
    • ‘The large and long yellow school bus pulled up in front of the sidewalk in front of Jordan's house.’
    • ‘While waiting outside for the school bus, a couple guys and I were kicking some ice.’