Definition of school board in US English:

school board


North American
  • A local board or authority responsible for the provision and maintenance of schools.

    • ‘Local institutional review boards, school boards, and clinics approved the study.’
    • ‘A number of local school boards in 20 states around the country, most notably the state board in Kansas, have been considering incorporating intelligent design into their academic curricula.’
    • ‘Secondary education was spread yet further by the second key development instigated by school boards, namely evening classes.’
    • ‘They were called public schools because school boards administered them, but tuition was still required.’
    • ‘For instance, running for a seat on the local school board would be a good start.’
    • ‘The question now is whether Wall Street - and local school boards - will give Whittle time to deliver on what still looks like a promising solution.’
    • ‘Some time ago, as president of a local school board, I compared the lifetime wages of male and female teachers.’
    • ‘They are ‘private schools’ with a charter granted by a local school board or a county or state board.’
    • ‘The ruling also highlights, once again, the conundrum local school boards face under Alberta's education system.’
    • ‘The White County school board voted in July to end all noncurricular clubs.’
    • ‘I guess the school board thought that football was too much for our high schoolers to handle.’
    • ‘To do that, it needed to take financial independence away from local school boards.’
    • ‘The state board's standards determine what is on statewide tests, but local school boards decide what is actually taught and which textbooks are used.’
    • ‘She's trailing in the polls approaching Election Day and the municipal tax base doesn't have the funds to cover the rising costs at local school boards.’
    • ‘Many local school boards, meanwhile, seem to regard charter schools the same way the movie moguls of old looked at the arrival of television: as the enemy that must be resisted at every turn.’
    • ‘These include not only your city council members but also your local school boards.’
    • ‘But I have recently observed how elected library boards and school boards and town planning authorities give the electors pride of possession and confer a visible sense of obligation on board members and employees.’
    • ‘This was especially significant given the fact that most tribes had little or no support from local school boards and had limited opportunities for even the most rudimentary education.’
    • ‘They have enjoyed modest success in the races for less powerful positions, such as school boards and city councils.’
    • ‘The reorganisations that later occurred were to lead to a progressively wider range of powers and functions being delegated to local authorities and to statutory boards, e.g., school boards.’


school board

/ˈsko͞ol ˌbô(ə)rd/