Definition of schmo in US English:


(also shmo)


North American
  • 1A stupid person.

    • ‘The schmo who took her didn't look like he'd been at Ft. Bragg lately.’
    • ‘But when the stakes are somewhere in between - as they are now - personal power struggles can turn deadly: not for the participants, of course, but for the poor schmoes (U.S. and foreign) who wind up being used as pawns.’
    • ‘Fans couldn't resist watching this average schmo win over gorgeous young gals, and the series quickly established these newly established pro-am and gonzo-style tapes as the fastest-rising genre around.’
    • ‘No, men's bodybuilding has its niche market; women's bodybuilding has no market; what little market it has is made up of schmoes and fetishists.’
    • ‘We don't pay our Members of Parliament much, and we get schmucks and shmoes.’
    • ‘‘His e-mail communication is great, but in person he turned out to be kind of a shmo.’’
    • ‘Even aside from moral concerns, trying to get a bunch of tax revenue out of the poor schmoes making $30,000 a year is like getting blood from a stone.’
    • ‘As if round one wasn't depressing enough, these three talentless schmoes are back for a second bite at the cherry.’
    • ‘The film is light on gore and camp, and heavy on surreal suspense (a lost art in horror films), so if you're looking to see some unsuspecting schmo get turned into a bat, stay home and watch that Bugs Bunny Halloween special.’
    • ‘You can't blame him for putting his energy into the music, for not wanting to waste it by tossing some schmo a few good quotes.’
    • ‘But now that any schmo can afford a Mozart CD or can go to a free museum, artists had to figure out new ways to differentiate themselves from the rabble.’
    • ‘He is a guy whose appeal is that he's an everyman, a standard-issue schmo, and his voice is flat and unexpressive.’
    • ‘We sit on the couch and answer all the questions while watching the shmo on TV sweat it out.’
    • ‘But I think her chances of meeting a good guy are diminishing because dating or trying to dodge these schmoes is draining all her time and emotional energy.’
    • ‘There are thousands of sharp objects that we haven't yet seen protruding from some schmo's abdomen.’
    • ‘To bend the rather trite phrase, you can't judge a schmo by his cover.’
    • ‘He's just a schmo who's been lucky enough to land a good expense account (he estimated the cost of his trip to Saudi Arabia at twenty grand).’
    • ‘There is a real effort to bring the ruler of rock down off his throne, to make him more human and approachable to his fan base by saddling him with issues that everyday shmoes can relate to.’
    • ‘This is definitely better than the image I get from analog cable, though you rich schmoes with digital satellite or cable service may be unimpressed.’
    • ‘The poor schmo had a bad dose of noncomplainingitis, that peculiarly British ailment with symptoms which include chronic fear of causing a scene.’
    • ‘The rest comes from schmoes who were careful - and too stupid to pay a planner, or keep their wealth in liquid assets.’
    • ‘The logic here is that if rich, good-looking men start cornering the market on being ‘nice,’ then the poor ugly schmoes of the world will be left with nothing.’
    • ‘He will not turn into one of these schmoes if he joins the NBA in June.’
    • ‘You schmos are an embarrassment to Californians everywhere.’
    • ‘He is your typical low-on-the-food-chain schmo: he's awkward, pale, out of touch with what's hip, and an accountant.’
    • ‘And the average shmo can still download plenty of tunes without compensating artists.’
    • ‘But what about the schmo who hired him in the first place?’
    • ‘His friend came bounding over, and Achilles said, stabbing a thumb in my direction, ‘Who the hell is this schmo?’’
    1. 1.1 A hypothetical ordinary man.
      • ‘They feel like they can get by with any Joe Schmo until they need a big bomb or they're giving up points because of [poor punting].’
      • ‘Sure, they did way better than us ordinary schmoes.’
      • ‘To my mind, advocates of this view have three things to prove: user fees are fair, user fees work and ordinary schmoes (like you and me) are to blame for all that garbage.’


1940s: alteration of schmuck.