Definition of schizandra in US English:



  • A Chinese herb whose berries are credited with various stimulant or medicinal properties.

    Schisandra chinensis, family Magnoliaceae

    Also called magnolia vine
    • ‘Herbs to calm the heart and sedate the spirit and for uprising qi include: oyster shell, dragon bone, magnetite, tortoise shell, fu shen, polygala, zizyphus spinoza, uncaria and schizandra.’
    • ‘He prescribed a formula of herbs that includes schizandra, silymarin, milk thistle, licorice, dandelion and burdock as well as some Chinese herbs.’
    • ‘In the absence of cough during the summer months (with of course spleen qi and yin deficiency): add ginseng with schizandra and ophiopogon in equal amounts to rescue the lungs from fire evils.’
    • ‘In addition to sparkling cider, the Phoenician also serves red, white and rose sparkling juice beverages flavored with schizandra, jasmine, gentian and lime-flower.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin Schisandra, formed as schizo- + Greek andr-, anēr man, on account of the divided stamens.