Definition of scheming in English:



  • Given to or involved in making secret and underhanded plans.

    ‘they had mean, scheming little minds’
    • ‘His scheming boss and mob underling, Sykes, demands that Oscar pay up the clams he has borrowed during his get-rich-quick schemes.’
    • ‘In fact, it seems that the only people privy to the scheming duplicity of most of the contestants are the camera operators.’
    • ‘The game is designed to be fun to play and a lighthearted approach to being a evil scheming megalomaniac, so although there are many different ways of being evil, there is no slavery or genocide.’
    • ‘She will be the death us all if we do not beware of her scheming ways.’
    • ‘Even with all her superstar diva qualities, she's too lightweight, too soft to portray a scheming seductress.’
    • ‘They comply, but the scheming Lane has other plans.’
    • ‘Alas, it is becoming as tiresomely cliched as all the others, with its share of scheming women.’
    • ‘In doing so, he must also outwit Francesca's scheming mother as well as her overweight fiancé, while schooling another admirer in the ways of love.’
    • ‘I was kidding myself; why would a sweet girl like Andrea want to be with a rebellious, scheming character like me?’
    • ‘She isn't a scheming adulteress - she's too naive, too hopeful.’
    • ‘The play bounces from scheming romance to high-camp comedy, leaving the audience torn between giggling and nail-biting over this complicated love hexagon.’
    • ‘A scheming killer, this creature would play with its toys until they expired, and enjoy every minute of it if they did not make each move with great care.’
    • ‘As a result of their scheming ways, the dastardly duo are clearly making enemies outside the house.’
    • ‘When my friend told me about this aspect of the pre-interview my scheming humorist mind awakened like a sleeping giant.’
    • ‘Their own scheming behavior was equally if not more reprehensible.’
    • ‘She had black glittering, scheming eyes and was very blunt.’
    • ‘It's not everyday you see the grand thespian as a scheming womanizer who will stop short at nothing, save ‘a bit of crackling,’ to revive his stagnant career.’
    • ‘She was planning, or rather scheming, in her children's lives.’
    • ‘These are the people who make up the country, in his eyes, not the scheming gentry and generals who composed bourgeois nationalist parties.’
    • ‘Like the French Resistance, they're not taking it lying down, as they fight back with every scheming trick at their disposal.’
    cunning, crafty, calculating, devious, designing, conniving, wily, sly, tricky, artful, guileful, slippery, slick
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  • The activity or practice of making secret or underhanded plans.

    • ‘Little did Thomas know that all his scheming would be moot in just a few hours.’
    • ‘Members of the jury, we have given you overwhelming evidence leading up to the day of the plot; his plans; his actions; his plotting; his scheming.’
    • ‘This grandiose scheming is intercut with real news archive from the time, which shows the reverse - the siege descending into farce and defeat.’
    • ‘With plenty of delightful romantic scheming from Dolly, this play is looking forward to a successful run.’
    • ‘Alison of course was doing some very careful scheming since Carleen's birthday was approaching rapidly.’
    • ‘It's a talent that I've honed over my many years of scheming.’
    • ‘Its rigid structures and processes and predictable ways might stymie his unethical scheming.’
    • ‘The dire need for money is a constant concern for Lucy in the I Love Lucy plot lexicon, and this is one of the better examples of scheming gone sour.’
    • ‘It's a glimpse into the golden age of kings, a lost world of luxury, political scheming, extravagance and hedonism.’
    • ‘Their scheming ultimately led to Coriolanus' banishment from Rome.’
    • ‘They must have learnt from the landlord that I had my ear to their window when he had arrived, and it is most likely that they, the devil priest in particular, would have recognised me from the tavern where I had first overheard their scheming.’
    • ‘And their scheming couldn't have been done at a better time.’
    • ‘Those who assumed that somebody so ‘uncultured’ and naive was incapable of scheming found out their mistake too late.’
    • ‘However, her scheming ultimately leads to catastrophe.’
    • ‘Trapped by political scheming, he was left with little choice but to accept the military assignment.’
    • ‘The final outcome of his scheming, however, remains unknown because of the loss of the story's last six chapters.’
    • ‘He raised his price by leading an army paid for by Venice to victory over the French at Fornovo in June 1495, but his inveterate scheming led to imprisonment by Venice in 1509.’
    • ‘The antagonistic forces that fight with each other can't remain unscathed from their experiences since their scheming is bound to cause a deep change in the balance that both initially had.’
    • ‘They weren't like Zach's eyes, that often gleamed from greed or scheming, but Mitch's eyes were like a child's on Christmas morning, full of innocence.’
    • ‘He doubted she would be there, considering they were practically done with their scheming, but he was willing to hope for anything.’